Special Assignment — Documenting Juvenile Courts (all day)

Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan

Monday, June 24, 2024
9:00 a.m. EDT

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Only Documenters with the “DET Juvenile Courts” badge may take this assignment.

This day of hearings may include a lunch break, then resume in the afternoon. Please make sure your entire day is free.

Notes for this assignment are due the same day!

Please read instructions — scheduled start time may vary.

A complete set of instructions including the name of the justice/referee, Zoom links, and tips for your notes will be viewable once you’ve been scheduled by clicking the “Notetaking” link by your name.


Edited and summarized by the Detroit - MI Documenters Team

Note-taking by Eric McCormick

Referee Brandi Taylor wanted to release a youth from the Juvenile Detention Facility, but decided they would remain because didn’t have another stable place to stay.

Agency Information

Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan

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(313) 224-0157


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The Third Judicial Circuit is the largest circuit court in Michigan, with 58 judges and three operating divisions. The Third Circuit Court has jurisdiction over Civil, Criminal, and Family matters arising in the County of Wayne.


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