Safety Committee

Cleveland City Council
Criminal Justice

Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2023
10:00 a.m. — 12:00 p.m. EST

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601 Lakeside Ave Cleveland, OH 44114 (Directions)

Cleveland City Hall, Mercedes Cotner Room 217 (or watch on YouTube)

The Safety Committee of Cleveland City Council is responsible for the oversight of the Cleveland Police and Fire Divisions and the Emergency Medical Service. It reviews legislation proposed by The Department of Public Safety, and it also oversees the enforcement of Cleveland’s traffic code, off-street parking issues, and building inspections and other matters related to the department and Community Relations Board.

Note for Documenters: Council is getting a head start on next year’s budget hearings by conducting operational reviews of some city departments and their divisions. This meeting is set to focus on the Divisions of Emergency Medical Services, Fire, and Animal Care and Control. The meeting is also set to focus on the Police Accountability Team and the Community Police Commission.

It may run well past two hours. If it runs too long and you need to split, just note that in your coverage and let us know!

Committee members:

  • Michael Polensek, chair
  • Joe Jones, vice chair
  • Stephanie Howse-Jones
  • Deborah Gray
  • Charles Slife
  • Danny Kelly
  • Richard Starr

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Edited and summarized by the Cleveland - OH Documenters Team

Note-taking by Karima McCree-Wilson

Animal Control reports 77% live-release rate, thanks in part to Friends of City Dogs

Live reporting by Regina Samuels

Panel reviews operations of EMS, Fire, Community Police Commission

Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs
Hi! 👋🏾
I’m Regina & I'II be live-tweeting today’s Safety Committee Meeting at 10am at Cleveland City Hall for @CLEdocumenters & @signalcleveland ! 🧡🐾 #CLEdocumenters

08:43 AM Nov 8, 2023 CST

Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 2/31
The Safety Committee of Cleveland City Council is responsible for the oversight of the Cleveland Police & Fire Divisions & the Emergency Medical Service. It reviews legislation proposed by The Department of Public Safety, and oversees other matters related to the department 👍🏾
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 3/31
Watch with me LIVE Now on @YouTube
@CleCityCouncil 📍…
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 4/31
@YouTube @CleCityCouncil Meeting called to order at 10:07 am by Councilperson and Safety Committee Chair, Michael Polensek
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 6/31
@YouTube @CleCityCouncil @CityofCleveland @CLEpolice @ClevelandEMS There is a discussion on EMS training opportunities ✅
Emergency Response times have decreased despite staffing issues ✅
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 7/31
@YouTube @CleCityCouncil @CityofCleveland @CLEpolice @ClevelandEMS The committee is currently discussing trends of losing employees due to salaries.
Councilperson Richard Star voiced his concern for keeping qualified EMS staff from leaving and pursuing other options due to salaries. @ClevelandEMS
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 8/31
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 9/31
@YouTube @CleCityCouncil @CityofCleveland @CLEpolice @ClevelandEMS Updates from the Cleveland Division of EMS 🚑
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 10/31
@YouTube @CleCityCouncil @CityofCleveland @CLEpolice @ClevelandEMS Next up on the agenda…
Cleveland Division of Fire,
2023 Operations ✅
Chief Anthony P. Luke 🚒
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 11/31
@YouTube @CleCityCouncil @CityofCleveland @CLEpolice @ClevelandEMS @ClevelandFire There are several major projects that took place within the Cleveland Division of Fire this year…
The Fireboat Garrett A. Morgan was commissioned this year 🧯⚓️
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 12/31
@YouTube @CleCityCouncil @CityofCleveland @CLEpolice @ClevelandEMS @ClevelandFire ✅There have been Fleet improvements this year 🚒🚒; the best shape it has been in over 30 years according to the current Fire Chief, Antony P. Luke.
✅Only 6 fire fatalities this year.
✅ “Our goal is to get a smoke alarm into every residence in the city of cleveland”
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 13/31
@YouTube @CleCityCouncil @CityofCleveland @CLEpolice @ClevelandEMS @ClevelandFire There was much time spent discussing Fire Department Staffing & Demographics:
There are currently 747 Fire fighters & there is a goal to increase women fire fighters, there are currently 14. There is also a goal to increase overall diversity.
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 14/31
@YouTube @CleCityCouncil @CityofCleveland @CLEpolice @ClevelandEMS @ClevelandFire A few more tidbits about early exposure to careers with @ClevelandFire ….
Operation Bright Future with @CLEMetroSchools is getting fire fighters back into the school buildings to give students role models and also help with career path exposure.
Watch for more:
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 15/31
@YouTube @CleCityCouncil @CityofCleveland @CLEpolice @ClevelandEMS @ClevelandFire @CLEMetroSchools Division of Animal Care & Control
Is up next on the agenda, here is some of the information shared:
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 16/31
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 17/31
@YouTube @CleCityCouncil @CityofCleveland @CLEpolice @ClevelandEMS @ClevelandFire @CLEMetroSchools @CityDogsCLE Have you seen lots of groundhogs or deer in the city? 👀
Councilperson @stephaniehowse has questions …
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 18/31
@YouTube @CleCityCouncil @CityofCleveland @CLEpolice @ClevelandEMS @ClevelandFire @CLEMetroSchools @CityDogsCLE @stephaniehowse The final two items on the agenda are operational reviews of the following boards:
✅Police Accountability Team (PAT)
✅Community Police Commission (CPC)
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 19/31
@YouTube @CleCityCouncil @CityofCleveland @CLEpolice @ClevelandEMS @ClevelandFire @CLEMetroSchools @CityDogsCLE @stephaniehowse Operational Overview of the Police Accountability Team began with a PowerPoint presentation ✅
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 23/31
@YouTube @CleCityCouncil @CityofCleveland @CLEpolice @ClevelandEMS @ClevelandFire @CLEMetroSchools @CityDogsCLE @stephaniehowse After the PowerPoint presentation, Councilman Michael Polesek had questions…
His main question revolved around “Who hires the federal monitor?”
The monitor is paid $750/hour 👀
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 24/31
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 25/31
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 26/31
@YouTube @CleCityCouncil @CityofCleveland @CLEpolice @ClevelandEMS @ClevelandFire @CLEMetroSchools @CityDogsCLE @stephaniehowse Last up on the agenda is the operation overview of the Community Police Commission (CPC)
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 27/31
@YouTube @CleCityCouncil @CityofCleveland @CLEpolice @ClevelandEMS @ClevelandFire @CLEMetroSchools @CityDogsCLE @stephaniehowse Much discussion was had about the pay rate versus the hours each member puts in each month✅
There were concerns about past “drama” within the committee and the effectiveness of violence prevention programs ✅
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 28/31…
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 29/31
@YouTube @CleCityCouncil @CityofCleveland @CLEpolice @ClevelandEMS @ClevelandFire @CLEMetroSchools @CityDogsCLE @stephaniehowse @signalcleveland Do you have questions?
Think we got something wrong? Send any inquiries on the meeting or these tweets to @cledocumenters or email us at
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 30/31
Regina ♍ @GinaWalksDogs 31/31
@YouTube @CleCityCouncil @CityofCleveland @CLEpolice @ClevelandEMS @ClevelandFire @CLEMetroSchools @CityDogsCLE @stephaniehowse @signalcleveland @cledocumenters After almost 5 hours, Cleveland Safety Committee Meeting was adjourned at 2:56pm. This concludes my coverage of this meeting, see you next time! 👍🏾
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Agency Information

Cleveland City Council

Cleveland City Council is the legislative branch of the government of the City of Cleveland in Ohio. There are 17 elected Cleveland City Council members representing the 17 wards of the City of Cleveland. Each ward has approximately 25,000 residents. Council Members are elected to serve a four-year term. Council members serve two roles in their duties: to draft and enact legislation for the city of Cleveland and act as ombudsmen for their constituents.

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