Detroit City Council Formal Session, 10 a.m.

Detroit City Council


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Edited and summarized by the Detroit - MI Documenters Team

Note-taking by Elyas Khan

Public commenters request locks be removed from gas station stores after a recent shooting when customers were locked in.

Live reporting by Sherrie Smith

Public commenters request locks be removed from gas station stores after a recent shooting when customers were locked in.

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08:51 AM May 16, 2023 CDT

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You can see today’s agenda and watch the meeting live here:…
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Go to the city’s website to join via zoom and participate during public comment here:…
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While you wait got todays meeting to start you can catch up on the live-tweets from last weeks City Council Formal Session here:…
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Meeting called to order at 10:03am
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Roll was called and quorum was present
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Invocation provided by Rev. Curtis Grant
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ASL interpretation is being provided via zoom
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 10/96
Presentation of Spirit of Detroit Award by Councilmember Scott Benson celebrating Mr. L. Newby on turning 100 years old
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 11/96
All Councilmembers took a photo with Mr. Newby and family
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Acceptance of requests for public comment cut off at 10:20am
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 13/96
Jefferson Chalmers Water Project Presentation by Jay C. Juergensen including a 100+ slide show
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 14/96
Water presentation stated over 200 million dollars of damage. Stated that Grosse Pointe was removed from the flood plain and the Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood was put in it
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 15/96
Some residents have seen flood insurance increase over 600%
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 16/96
More info on the Jefferson Chalmers Water Project can be found on their website here: www.jeffersonchalmerswaterproject
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 17/96
CORRECTION: More info on the Jefferson Chalmers Water Project can be found on their website here:
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 18/96
Proposed use of funds for Jefferson Chalmers Water Project
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 19/96
Councilmember Johnson thanked the presenter and asked where the numbers that are requested came from
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 20/96
Councilmember Young asked where the Army Corps of Engineers and the state’s EGLE are included in the project
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 21/96
Councilmember Santiago-Romero thanked the presenter for his hard work on this project
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 22/96
Presenting on Jefferson Chalmers Water Project concluded
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 23/96
Reports moved to committees
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 24/96
🗣️ PUBLIC COMMENTS will be 1 minute and 30 seconds. 3 in-person commenters
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 25/96
In-Person: Health Management Systems of America expressed disappointment that their contract was being given to a company out of Bloomfield Hills
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 26/96
In-Person: M. Shelton asked that an investigation of the way bonds are issued in the city
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 27/96
In-Person: Mr. H wants Inspectors to go out to gas stations and stores to have locks removed from the doors after the shooting last week. He also has a house next door that land bank is not taking care of
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 28/96
In-Person: ZW off New Era Detroit echoed concern over gas stations and liquor stores being able to lock patrons inside. Stated that if they find out that businesses are locking patrons inside they will have than the city to contend with
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 29/96
President Pro-Tem Tate stated that the city has put forth a memo looking into businesses that are not licensed
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 30/96
Council Member Calloway read a statement re: the gas station shooting in District 2 of 3 patrons over a $3-$4 dispute, where one resident died. Also started that she is asking that criminal charges be brought against the clerk
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 31/96
Council Member Young asked LPD if Stand Your Ground laws in Michigan are coming into play in these cases and if the city tracks these types of shootings
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 32/96
Motion for resolution to be drafted was approved
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 33/96
In-Person: JH of Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood in District 4. States the damage from the storm is ongoing, visiting a senior neighbor in the hospital with lung cancer due to the mold after the storm and asks that the court think of the people not just property
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 34/96
In-Person: MT of Feedom Freedom growers asked that Council diligently review the Jefferson Chalmers Water Project
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 35/96
In-Person: RF discussed the city’s motto “We hope for better things, it shall rise from the ashes“ and thanked Council for listening to citizens and hopes community members can join together
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 36/96
In-person: KM stated that he wrote down requirements about jobs needed in the city. Plant your seeds early in life. Don’t be a butterfly that doesn’t know how to use its wings.
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 37/96
In-person: MS of St Patrick Senior Center advocated for approval of event this Sunday, and Resolution 25.3
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 38/96
Council President Sheffield stated that there are changes being made to the events process
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 39/96
In-Person: RC started 1741 Ferry Park should not be on the demolition list
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 40/96
Moving to Virtual Public Comments. 17 hands raised
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 41/96
Virtual: Mr. C encouraged residents to ride city coaches. Saddened by gas station shooting
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 42/96
Virtual: Mr. W stated Metro Detroit Petroleum dealers need to be held accountable. Also asked if track marks from drag racing and donuts be cleaned up. Also asked for police leadership to step down after license plate reader presentation
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 43/96
Virtual: SH is upset about the video recorded meetings not being uploaded. Also started there should be gun-free zones. Is in support of cashless business ordinance
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 44/96
Virtual: TA thanks Council Member Calloway for getting dumpling cleaned up and thankful of the Cashless Business Ordinance. Also thankful for Property Tax reform and urged all members to support
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 45/96
Virtual: WD asked that Council and mayor set up task force to investigate GLWA.
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 46/96
Virtual: RJ of CDAD thanking Council members for providing ARPA information. Questioned who decides what contracts get ARPA funding or not, and asked about more info regarding housing
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 47/96
Virtual: CH believes ARPA funds are being misused, addressed 25.8 and cited Environmental Racism in the case of Chrysler with their passing fumes. Does not want the land bank to receive any more land
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 48/96
Virtual: Wanted to thank Member Young for attempting to stop Retaliation Evictions
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 49/96
Member Young listed his phone number for caller to reach him 313-224-4248
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 50/96
Virtual: BV wanted to wish members a good day and echoes that businesses locking patrons in need to be addressed
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 51/96
Virtual: RM wanted to inform every third Thursday DDOT Community input meetings are happening. In support of ordinance banning cashless businesses
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 52/96
Virtual: R of Justice for Beniteau states we need to stop the divide re: air quality on Beniteau
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 53/96
Virtual: KW started the need for back up power to perfect the city water shed Plan. Power if needed to run sump pumps
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 54/96
Virtual: SR thankful for new ordinance to protect renters in Detroit
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 55/96
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 56/96
Discussion of Line Item 15.1 Emerald Media Contract No. 6005209. Motion for Approval. Objections by Members Calloway and Johnson. Motion APPROVED
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 57/96
Line Item 15.2. Member Durhal moved for approval, waiver requested. Approved
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 58/96
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 59/96
Office of Contracting and Procurement - Member Johnson requested to discuss Line Item 16.1 Contract No. 6005166 to AllOne Health Resources Inc. Member Calloway voiced opposition and stated the city should remain with legacy Detroit Contractor the city has used for 25 years.
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 60/96
Office of Contracting and Procurement - Member Waters stated that line item 16.1 Contract No. 6005166 was sent from Committee with the recommendation to deny based on bell being dropped by CRIO. Would like to vote today.
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 61/96
Director Stahls stated the legacy Contractor would not have had enough points, even if they had been CRIO certified and the company certification was lapsed for over a year
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 62/96
Council President Calloway asked if the contract was voted down what would be the process for choosing the next contractor.
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 63/96
Motion to Approve Line Item 16.1. 2 Yeas, 7 Nays. The resolution failed. Previous contract will be extended
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 64/96
Line Item 16.2 Approved and waiver granted with no objections
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 65/96
Law Department - Member Santiago-Romero corrected Line Item 16.3 to add Indigenous Peoples Day to the city’s observed holidays. Approved
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 66/96
Law Department - Line Item 16.4 to set public hearing APPROVED
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 67/96
Law Department - Member Johnson six line items APPROVED: 16.5-16.10
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 68/96
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 69/96
Office of Contracting and Procurement - President Pro Tem Tate moved to approve Line Items 17.1-17.3. All APPROVED
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 70/96
Office of City Clerk/City Planning Commission - President Pro Tem Tate moved to approve Line Item 17.4. No objections, APPROVED
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 71/96
City Planning Commission - President Pro Tem Tate moved for approval Line Item 17.5. APPROVED
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 72/96
Detroit Brownfield Redevelopment Authority - President Pro Tem Tate moved for discussion Line Items 17.6 & 17.7. Members Calloway and President Sheffield voiced their opposition to Line Item 17.6. Question arose regarding accommodating handicapped residents
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 73/96
Member Young motioned to postpone Line Item 17.6 by one week. Motion FAILED
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 74/96
Member Young reconsidered the motion to postpone for one week. Member Calloway objected. Motion APPROVED
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 75/96
President Pro Tem motioned to approve Line Item 17.7. APPROVED
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 76/96
Housing and Revitalization Department- Line Item 17.8 APPROVED
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 77/96
Planning and Development Department - Line Item 17.15 moved for discussion
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 78/96
Planning and Development Department - President Pro Tem motioned to approve Line Items 17.9-17.15. Objections to 17.15 by Members Waters and Calloway. APPROVED
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 79/96
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 80/96
Office of Contracting and Procurement - Member Santiago-Romero motioned to Approve Line Items 18.1-18.11. No objections. APPROVED
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 81/96
Office of the CFO/Office of Development and Grants - Member Santiago-Romero motioned to approve Line Items 18.12-18.13. No objections. APPROVED
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 82/96
Mayor’s Office- Member Young motioned to approve Line Items 19.1-19.7 with discussion. Member Benson provided clarity. APPROVED
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 83/96
Office of Contracting and Procurement - Line Item 19.8 re: Contact No. 3065672 for BSEED Air Monitoring near Stellantis plant. Member Santiago-Romero motioned to approve with discussion. Member Johnson questioned effectiveness of monitoring methods and procedures
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 84/96
Office of Contracting and Procurement - Line Item 19.8 re: Contact No. 3065672 for BSEED Air Monitoring near Stellantis plant. 4 Objections. APPROVED
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 85/96
Office of Contracting and Procurement - Member Young motioned to approve Line Items 19.9-19.11. APPROVED
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 86/96
Office of CFO/Office of Development and Grants - Member Young motioned to approve Line Item 19.12. APPROVED
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 87/96
Member Waters submitted for approval with discussion Line Items 19.13-19.14. Motion to end debate, 5 objections. FAILED to end debate. Member Durhal submitted a point of order
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 88/96
Motion to Walk-On amended resolution for Line Item 19.14.
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 89/96
Line Item 19.13 APPROVED
Line Item 19.14 APPROVED as amended. Member Johnson asked that the specific amended section be highlighted. Motioned to Call to Question.
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 90/96
LINE Item 19.15 to recognize May as Nurses Month APPROVED
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 91/96
All reports from City Departments referred to Committee
One Walk-on item to New Business by Member Santiago-Romero
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 92/96
Member Durhal Announced District 7 Mandatory Charter Meeting Tonight 5/16 at 7pm at New Providence Baptist Church
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 93/96
No Other Business
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 94/96
Meeting Adjourned at 2:24pm
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 95/96
This concludes my coverage of the Detroit City Council Formal Session on Tuesday May 16, 2023. For more meeting coverage, check out:
Sherrie So Ultra @SherrieSoUltra 96/96
Motion to Suspend Member Reports


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