City Planning Commission [in-person only]

Cleveland City Planning Commission

Friday, June 21, 2024
9:00 a.m. — 11:00 a.m. EDT

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601 Lakeside Ave Cleveland, OH 44114 (Directions)

Cleveland City Hall, Room 514 (or watch on YouTube)

The City Planning Commission, established in 1915, is a body of seven members; six are appointed by the mayor and one is a member of City Council. The commission is supported by a staff of professional planners and architects. The City Charter gives the commission responsibility for preparing plans to guide “development and improvement” of the city and its neighborhoods, and for reviewing all legislation and other matters that concern the “use or development of land.”

NOTE: This meeting could run as long as 3 hours, and because the commission has been holding hybrid meetings – with some people at City Hall and others joining via WebEx – you may have a better time hearing and viewing all meeting participants in person. Feel free to note in your coverage when you cannot identify who is speaking because of visual or audio difficulty. Sometimes the best designation you can give is “a commission member,” “an official,” or “a resident.”

Commission members:

  • Lillian Kuri, Chair
  • August Fluker, Vice Chair
  • Charles Slife, Ward 17 City Council member
  • Denise McCray-Scott
  • Andrew Sargeant
  • Isabella McKnight
  • Erika Anthony

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Edited and summarized by the Cleveland - OH Documenters Team

Note-taking by Alfreda Williams

New Birthing Beautiful Communities facility moving forward

Live reporting by Christina Easter

Regulations on Cleveland Airbnbs and other short-term rentals get commission signoff

Good morning Cleveland and beyond! I will be live tweeting this morning’s Planning Commission meeting that starts at 9:00. #CLEDocumenters @signalcle eland @clefocumenters

08:22 AM Jun 21, 2024 CDT

Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 2/67
Up first is EC2023-027 Birthing Beautiful Communities New Construction - seeking final approval of a new facility at Chester Ave. and East 65th.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 3/67
Katie Veasey Gillette, City Architect did a presentation on what the facility would look like. Afterwards, comments were from a community member who said he is glad to see BBC will be moving on the land.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 4/67
BBC will be back for signage approval. Joyce Pan Huang, Director, Planning Commission said BBC did a really good job with the design. BBC’s plan was approved by the Commission.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 5/67
Next, NE2023-030 Hough Community Green Space seeking final approval at 1596 East 86th Street to make more green space. NOTE: The Planning Commission granted schematic design approval on Jan. 5, 2024. Alex Pesta, city architect presents the plan.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 6/67
There are currently maintenance agreements. Jay Rauschenbach City of Cleveland parks and rec planning manager addresses a couple community concerns regarding wild life; says this project will likely be up and going by the fall. I think
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 7/67
Lillian Kurt, Chair of the Planning Commission asks about getting a flashpad which may help galvanize the community - and Pesta points out an area of the design that would permit this.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 8/67
Haung states the design was well done. The Northeast Design Review makes some recommendations which Pesta states will be taken into consideration going forward. The committee members approve the design.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 9/67
Next NE2024-010 Proposed Demolition of a 2-story Residential Structure seeking final approval of a private property that has over $200,000 in taxes, fines, fees, etc. according to Jillian Bolino with the city of Cleveland.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 10/67
Charles Slife, (Ward 7 Council member) makes a motion to approve the demolition which was approved by the Committee.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 11/67
Next, Lot Consolidation/Splits - Carl Robson, property owner seeks a lot split for PPN# 105-07-020, -021, and 076 to make more functional use of the land and property.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 12/67
Shannan Leonard, chief zoning administrator for the city of Cleveland discusses the land lock issue that applies to the property and recommendations that have been offered to the landowners to remedy this issue.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 13/67
Committee members recommend that the property owners have their surveyor work with the city’s zoning staff because all four properties must be addressed.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 14/67
Next, EC2024-xxx seeks demolition approval of 1-story office building at 3615 Chester Ave. and Joe Mario, Industrial Commercial Construction presents for the property owner. Kuri states to send the design to Euclid Corridor-Buckeye Design Review.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 15/67
Demolition is approved by the Commission.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 16/67
Next, DF2024-021 Downtown Cleveland Inc. Signage seeks final approval at 668 Euclid Ave.
Xavier Bay, city of Cleveland, Zoning and Technology states the current signage exceeds the square footage that is permitted.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 17/67
The Committee approves the sign change.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 18/67
Next is a special presentation for Calgary Park Small Area Plan which seeks final approval and presenting is Terry Schwartz, Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative - who states community engagement began in Oct. 2023 in which they learned the residents needs and opportunities.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 19/67
A workshop was held on Nov. 16, 2003 to share ideas and alternatives. On Jan. 31, 2024 the plan was presented to the community.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 20/67
The new design would better connect residents to the park which sits above the residential property - there are plans to get easements to make this happen.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 21/67
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 22/67
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 23/67
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 24/67
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 25/67
Schwarz continues the presentation of the design ideas for Calgary Park.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 26/67
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 27/67
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 28/67
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 29/67
Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative is a community design center committed to a sustainable, vibrant, and inclusive urban future is a part of Kent State University's College of Architecture and Environmental Design. Read more about CUDC here -
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 30/67
Terry Schwarz is the director of CUDC and the Calgary Park is in Rebecca Maurer (12) who speaks and answers committee members questions about the planned project.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 31/67
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 32/67
The committee members inquire about the implementation plan and accessible housing and Schwarz referred to
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 33/67
Kuri inquired about funding and Maurer responded that it would nice to have Christmas Story Fund lthat was almost exclusively used for home repairs on surrounding streets and she would like to see something like that has community engagement for this project.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 34/67
A city official spoke on how the park is kind of secluded except for the nearby houses and funding would help more people know that the Park exists. The city plans to start full renovation of Calgary Park Summer/Fall 2024.…
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 35/67
The Committee approve the Calgary Park Small Area Plan.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 36/67
Next, CSE2024-014 Destination Cleveland Murals Across the City seeks final approval at 4071 Lee Road and presenting for DC is Alex Harnocz.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 37/67
This is the sixth and final location for installation of murals across the city that kicked off in 2023.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 38/67
Permission has been obtained from the property owners. The art is by Christina "Stina" Aleah. The Commission approved the mural.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 39/67
Next was an Untitled Mural to be located at 65th St. and Father Curuso Drive presented by artist Garrett Weider who states he is working with council member Jenny Spencer (Ward 15).
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 40/67
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 41/67
Commission members tell Weider that it is not hard to approve the mural after permission from the owners has been obtained and do not approve the public art, at this point.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 42/67
Correction: the Untitled Art to be located at 65th Street and Father Caruso Drive is
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 43/67
The Commission did not approve the Untitled Art and told Weider that it is not hard to obtain approval after the owners give permission.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 44/67
Next, DF2024-029 East 9th Street Bridge Wrap to be located at East 9th St. Bridges over NS Railroad and Route 2 over the Shoreway presented by Alex Harnocz with Destination Cleveland.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 45/67
Route 2 over the Shoreway proposed art.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 46/67
Harnocz states there are several major events coming to Cleveland this summer and fall and the idea is to beautiful the block from the downtown corridor to the venues on the lakefront.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 47/67
Kuri disagrees with the proposal because Destination Cleveland is promoting the city not the company but how do you get the most of this because there are so many ideas.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 48/67
The Commission approves a motion for Destination Cleveland to work with staff to consolidate the design to add more flexibility and lettering.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 49/67
Back to the Untitled Mural at W. 65th Father Caruso Dr. as approval as been obtained from the Edison Group (Developer) - Fluker states that if hundreds of millions of dollars are being invested, we can do better as a city rather than painting a piece of asphalt.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 50/67
The Commission approves a motion with the stipulation that more efforts been done to include planting and other things that would not make this a stand alone piece of art.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 51/67
Next, Summer 2024 AsiaTown Placemaking Murals to be located at 1776 E. 40th St., 3939 Payne Ave., and 1776 E. 40th St.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 52/67
The gives final final approval of the mural to be located at 3301 Payne Ave. by artist Chris Yi Suh.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 53/67
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 54/67
The mural to be located at 3939 Payne Ave., a Cleveland MetroPark bldg., is by artist Lisa Tan; and at 1776 E. 40th St. is by artist Kayla Kosaki - both seek conceptual approval. The Commission approves both Concepts with graphics to come back to staff.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 55/67
Next is Mandatory Referral - Ordinance No. 5882024 related to short-term rentals presented by Rachael Nigro Scalish, attorney for City Council (red dress).
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 56/67
The ordinance will regulate short-term rentals as businesses using a licensing process to prevent the effects that such rentals can have on residential neighborhoods -
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 57/67
The owner or tenant with authorization can operate the property as an STR; all STRs must have a local contact who responds to complaints and must be available at all times while the SRT is occupied and be able to be present within 1 hr. of receiving a call.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 58/67
There's an annual $150 license fee; proof of liability insurance w/limits of not less than $300,000 is required; no advertising, offering for rent, or completing reservations w/o a license which requires verification and approval by Building and Housing, Health, Police and Fire.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 59/67
Cannot rent for more than 30 days or less than 24 hrs.; there is a maximum number of renters; no excessive noise; guests must have contact information of local contact who will answer calls and/or questions regarding the property.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 60/67
Booking agents are required to register; there are civil penalties; and STRs are subject to the transient tax.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 61/67
Fluker asks if a person applies for a license does this trigger an inspection and Shannon Leonard states a license application will trigger a building and housing code review and zoning code review.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 62/67
The Commission approves the Ordinance with any amendments through the legislative process be brought back to the Director for administrative approval.
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 63/67
Next is Ordinance 613-2024
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 64/67
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 65/67
The Commission approves the Ordinance.
The Director's Report -
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 66/67
Director's Report cont'd - Bike Ride, Job Opportunities,
Coffee @CoffeeDocuments 67/67
Meeting adjourned. Have questions? Think we got something wrong? Send any inquiries on the meeting or tweets to @cledocumenters or email us at

Agency Information

Cleveland City Planning Commission

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The City Planning Commission, established in 1915, is a body of seven members, six are appointed by the Mayor and one is a member of City Council. The Commission is supported by a staff of professional planners and architects. The City Charter gives the Commission responsibility for preparing plans to guide “development and improvement” of the City and its neighborhoods, and for reviewing all legislation and other matters that concern the “use or development of land.”

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