Akron City Council - Committee Meetings

Akron City Council
Criminal Justice

Monday, June 10, 2024
1:00 p.m. — 4:00 p.m. EDT

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166 S High St, Akron, Ohio 44308 Akron, OH 44308 (Directions)

Akron Municipal Building, 3rd floor City Council Chambers

Regular Akron City Council committee meetings held every Monday afternoon (except for holidays.) Committees begin at 1 p.m. and end around 4 p.m. The committees are Planning and Economic Development; Parks and Recreation; Rules; Public Service; Public Safety; Health and Social Services; Public Utilities and Green; Budget and Finance; Housing and Neighborhood Assistance. Not every committee meets every week. Check Monday morning for final committee calls.

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Edited and summarized by the Akron - OH Documenters Team

Note-taking by Simone Walton

Committee approves $150,000 expenditure to support gun violence victims

Live reporting by Wittman Sullivan

Committee passes resolution to recognize two Firestone students for winning Dazzle awards

Wittman Sullivan @WittmanSullivan
Hey everybody. I will be documenting this afternoon's City Council Committee Meetings in the City Council Chambers at 166 S. High Street with #AKRDocumenters and

05:00 PM Jun 10, 2024 CDT

Wittman Sullivan @WittmanSullivan 2/18
Jeff Fusco (At Large) started the meeting at 1:03 PM with all member parents except Johnnie Hannah
He requested time on items
He read item 9 which approved the Meridian Urban Renewal Plan in North Hill
A staffer explained that this approved the housing plan and standards
Wittman Sullivan @WittmanSullivan 3/18
Fusco requested temporary time on item 9 to ask questions later
He read item 10 which gives historic Designation to the Brown Family Home at 242 Lake Street
Item 10 was approved unanimously
The last meeting minutes were approved unanimously
The meeting ended at 1:07 PM
Wittman Sullivan @WittmanSullivan 4/18
Brad McKitrick started the Rules Meeting at 2:00 PM
The minutes from the previous meeting were approved unanimously
Sean Vollman said Item 1 recognizes Firestone CLC students Kyle McFalls and Rylee Horowitz for winning Best Actor and Spirit of the Dazzles at the Dazzle Awards
Wittman Sullivan @WittmanSullivan 5/18
Vollman said that McFalls will attend New York's Jimmy Awards next week.
McFalls and Horowitz thanked the city for their support.
Sharon Connor thanked Theatre Directors Mark Zimmerman and Elynmarie Kazle for their work in the Arts
Wittman Sullivan @WittmanSullivan 6/18
McKitrick and Fusco said that arts in City Hall and Akron are growing and are important to future growth in Akron.
Item 1 was passed unanimously
The meeting ended at 2:12 PM
Wittman Sullivan @WittmanSullivan 7/18
Donnie Kammer started the Public Service Committee Meeting at 2:13 PM
the minutes from the previous meeting passed unanimously
A staffer explained that Item 5 would create funding for new Housing Rehabilitation Program Contractors
Item 5 passed unanimously
Wittman Sullivan @WittmanSullivan 8/18
Chris Ludle said Item 6 will purchase a new City Hall Fire Panel with more functions
Item 6 passed unanimously
A staffer said Item 7 lets Akron apply for the EPA's Resilient Infrastructure and Sustainable Environment grant, funding climate change mitigation in poor communities
Wittman Sullivan @WittmanSullivan 9/18
A staffer said that Summit Lake will be the community the grant will be applied in
Staffers explained the plan will improve biking and pedestrian infrastructure, green space, and Summit Lake's Tree Canopy after extensive community engagements required by the grant
Wittman Sullivan @WittmanSullivan 10/18
Item 7 passed unanimously
The Meeting ended at 2:40 PM
McKitrick started the meeting at 2:40 PM
The minutes from the previous meeting were passed unanimously
Brian Harding (Akron Police Chief) said that Item 8 will adopt a new 911 plan, raising device fees for 911 service
Wittman Sullivan @WittmanSullivan 11/18
He said that fees would extend to smartwatches and would be distributed to every police department in Summit County
Item 8 passed unanimously
A staffer said Item 9 will replace over 100 uniforms for the Akron Fire Dept. 60 are at the end of their 10-year lifespan
Wittman Sullivan @WittmanSullivan 12/18
Item 9 passed unanimously
Nanette Pitt (Chief of Strategy) said Item 10 will donate $150000 to the new Gun Violence Response Fund to support victims of gun violence in Akron
Wittman Sullivan @WittmanSullivan 13/18
Leanne Graham (Executive Director of Victim Assistance Program Inc.) said the fund will assist victims directly with expenses incurred by gun violence including funeral costs and lodging.
Pitt said the fund will be managed by a board under the Akron Community Foundation
Wittman Sullivan @WittmanSullivan 14/18
item 10 passed unanimously
The meeting ended at 3:26 PM
Lombardo started the meeting at 3:26 PM
The minutes from the previous meeting were approved unanimously
A staffer said Item 2 will have Key Bank as the sole provider of Lock Box Services for the Income Tax Division
Wittman Sullivan @WittmanSullivan 15/18
He said that Key Bank's services will streamline the income tax system and data collection
Item 2 passed unanimously
A staffer said Item 3 will contract a new company (Innovation Software Services Inc.) to continue online tax filing services
Item 3 passed unanimously
Wittman Sullivan @WittmanSullivan 16/18
A staffer said Item 4 will partner with Odyssey Case Management Systems to continue to integrate current case management onto a virtual cloud as the court modernizes
Item 4 passed unanimously
Wittman Sullivan @WittmanSullivan 17/18
The meeting ended at 3:38 PM. The next City Council Committee Meetings will be at 1:00 PM on June 17th at Akron City Hall 166 S. High Street. For more coverage check out
Wittman Sullivan @WittmanSullivan 18/18
Have a question? Think we got something wrong? Send any questions about this meeting or these tweets to documenters@signalakron.org

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IN PERSON: Council meets each Monday evening at 7:00 p.m. in council chambers on the third floor of the Akron Municipal Building, 166 South High Street. City Council does not meet when a national holiday falls on a Monday, and recesses the month of August and the last two weeks of December.

For accomodations in access: Yamini Adkins, Director of Human Resources, 166 South High Street, Municipal Building, Suite 103, Akron, Ohio 44308, (voice) 330-375-2780. If you require TDD phone service call Ohio Relay at 800-750-0750 and they will assist in contacting the Department of Human Resources at (330) 375-2780.”


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